The mission started in the mid '80 when I discovered a new text based adventure game. I was hooked on them at the time. Little did I know it would fight off all competition and survive in a world of 3D games. Yet this all started at the keyboard of a Commodore 64 connected to Compunet via a little box connected to a telephone line.

18 July 2011

This site is undergoing an overhaul. This is due to a recent server upgrade. Some links may not work.

4 February 2008

Haven2 is updated. More bugs ironed out so less crashing. Remember this will replace Haven. Maybe when I upload the next update which I will hope will be soon.

21 January 2008

Improved (hopefully) Haven. Read about it under 'Haven (new)' and read the PDF manual. This will replace the current Haven as soon as possible.

16 January 2008

I'm currently altering the layout of Haven. This has resulted in some rewriting of the code. Your actions will be saved to the database resulting in less data loss if anything goes wrong.

6 January 2008

New update of Haven available for download.

I've been working on the code and updated the import/export routines. Some settings are not handled by the routines but they are coded using the XML command structure. Remember I am trying hard to remove bugs so done blow a fuse if the program suddenly crashes or does something strange.

19 December 2007

After a break from programming I'm now busy converting Haven to Visual Studio C++ 2008. And the usual bug hunting.

Since the big crash I've removed the 'Company Report' since I don't have one anymore. Give me time and I should obtain a new company.

R.I.P Classic Fed

We regret to announce that classic Fed has finally died. Ever since we started up Fed2, we've said that we'd keep classic Fed running as long as the hardware held out. Well, now the hardware has failed, and none of the usual tricks (rebooting the machine, taking the hard drive out and hitting it) have worked. It's not possible to port it to another machine - that, after all, is why we embarked on the project of a complete rewrite in the first place. So we just have to accept that it's dead, Jim.

Extract from FedII Star, 28 May 2006.

You will not be forgotten!

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